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My opening day.


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Crawford county

This is the farm I decided to hunt. the red area is a know bedding area, the yellow lines are known trails. the green dot to the south is the stand I decided to hunt. The other green dot to the north is a spot I would need to use a climber which I didnt take one with me.

On friday the beans in the square area behind and to the east of the house were standing. they were cut friday evening. bummer.
the wind started from the south, south west, then spun around to the northeast. bummer.
lets not forget to mention the shotgun blasts to the northwest, around the other green dot. my guess is squirrel hunters.

needless to say I saw no deer. I have plenty of cam pics from that spot, almost every day as a matter of fact. but between the farm machinery my scent being blown in to them and shotguns, I believe they might have been a little spooked.

I did see a nice group of turkeys, Including a very big very mean bearded hen, and a poult that was practicing his strut. have to keep this spot in mind come spring turkey season.

It was still a nice day to be in the woods, not complaining, just didnt have the cards fall right to take an opening day deer. not gonna give up on this spot, I still feel good about it I'll just have to wait till things settle down and i get a south - southwest wind again.


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NE Ohio
Hang with it!
Don't let the bean harvest bother ya to much. The deer in my area are loading up on acorns before anything else. The red and pin oaks are dropping nuts like crazy now.