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My OTHER friend strikes again!


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I think I some how forgot to post it on this sight. My buddy came home last thursday from the army to stay with me for 2 weeks to bowhunt. He has never had a bow until 6 months ago when he was home on leave. I talked him into buying a Hoyt turbohawk. He has been shooting ever since in texas and has been itching to come home. Finally the tiem came and he has been hom like I said since last thursday. His first day out in the field was friday morning. He saw two deer the first day, but no shots. THe first evening I put him in a enw stand I hung just for him. It was what I would consider my honeyhole on this farm. I have over 12 bucks on this farm that will go over 125. I told him on the way, DO NOT SHOOT A DOE! I get a text 10 min after hes in his stand saying he jsut saw a buck. I then get a text at 530 saying, " your gonna be mad, but I jsut shot a doe! She wouldnt leave, and I couldnt take it anymore!" ha I wasnt real happy, but it was his first bow kill ever.

So sicne friday he has been hunting carious stands of mine and my other buddy bretts. He has yet to be skunked and he has sat 6 or 7 times. Each time seeing atleast two deer, at times up to 8 or 9. Last ngiht we put him in the stand I killed my buck in last year on Halloween. Well in the meantime, Brett sent me a text at 600 saying he just shot 2G4(see other post). I then get a text from travis saying he just missed huge buck.

I called trav and he said he saw hte deer run away but he didnt see any arrow in it. He shot the deer at 10 yards from a tree stand that I hung, which means its a minimum of 25 feet high. I told him if he missed the arrow would be stuck in the ground. HE looked and couldnt find it. So I got out of my tree and drove to where he was. I couldnt find the arrow either, I told him he had to have hit the deer. He said he remembered where it ran and it looked fine. I proceeded to tell him if he didnt make a good shot, the deer will run and wont miss a beat. I told him since he didnt know where he hit the deer, if at all, we should wait until mornnig to search. Unfortunately I had to work today and didnt get to help. THe deer ran into the valley and there is a creek in the bottom, I told them that if the deer was hit good and it was a lethal hit, he would probably head for that creek, esp if it were a liver or a gut shot.

THey started the walk and immediately found part of the arrow where the deer entered the woods! They spread out and Brett walked the creek. Sure enough, 500 yards fro mthe stand there laid travs buck in the water. Unfortunately the yotes got to it a bit and tore it up a little. I dont have good photos yet, but this is what I do have! So not a bad hunting trip for my buddy to kill his first doe and buck with a bow in less than a week! I think I am gonig to open up a guide service!



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Zach is clearly pissed about not shooting his buck yet, is realizing that he has no chance of doing so, and scrambling to find pictures on ODNR to post, saying that they are his friends. Later in the season, he'll claim "well I didn't shoot one, but all of my friends did well on my properties!"


J/k just busting your balls bro!


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Man that is a nice buck, i like dem long browtines.
His expression is like "Oh man, I just got shot...dang!"
Good job helpin yer buddy out, that's very cool.
And that doe? No reason to be mad about that! She's a beauty;)


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That is the funniest looking deer I have seen shot. Good stuff, that should be entered into a caption contest.

"Uh, bud, I don't swing that way...do ya mind getting off my back?"


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NW Ohio
That is a great buck! Thank you Zach for taking care of one of our armed forces people. I am sure he is thankful. Your's is coming, just be patient.