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Need a little help!


Junior Member
Dayton, Ohio
My buddy and I normally do food plots together. Well this year, due to circumstances, he might not be able to do his. We have been using his tractor and I don't feel it is my place to ask him to use his equipment. I would have my own, but I don't have a place to store a tractor and implements.

Long story short, if there is anyone in the close vicinity to Vinton County and is willing to help a TOO brother out let me know. I'll pay fuel expenses and labor (negotiated). I'm just talking about doing one food plot of about 3/4 acre tilling and cultipacking. All of my plots right now are in clover, but I would like to plant some annuals here in the upcoming month or two. If you're within a 30 min drive or so and want to make a few extra bucks give me a shout either through reply, PM or at baker.88@wright.edu



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Staff member
wish i could help man. but i don't know anyone down that way with a tractor an the implements. I'll ask around though.

DJK Frank 16

Senior Member
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Hardin County
Best of luck Darron, only guy I know that has property down there doesn't own or have access to any equipment like that. Hope you find a solution bud.