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Need a trail cam


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Shermans Dale, PA
My daughter started riding horses again today. The stables are in the sticks and her instructor told us that they have quite a few boar in the area. They said the boar only come out at night and root along the creek that runs next to the corral.

I went down to check it out and it was tore the hell up with hog sign. SO I asked (BTW through and interpreter) if I could hang a trail camera down there to take pictures.

They said yes so I'm officially in the market for a 150 to 200 dollar camera.

Any suggestions? I'd buy a Buckeye cam, but I'm too cheap.


The Happy Hunting Grounds Beyond
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Ashtabula, Ohio
I have a Moltrie and a Stealth, they take great pictures. Make sure to get the infra red flash. Both were under $200.00 The stealth came with two memory cards the Moltrie did not come with any.

Good Luck and show us some pictures.


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Call up Opticsplanet. I find if you call them direct and talk to an operator, they usually have some room to deal. I bought 2 and a buddy bought 2 Bushnell Trophy Cams. $160 each. When you get close to a year out of $20 in batteries, it is nice. If you buy a camera for $125, but spend $100 a year in batteries, it is not really saving any money. I am very happy with the Trophy Cams. We have 5 now. One was stolen. I hate thieves. Happy shopping!


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NE Ohio
I'm happy with my Bushnell. Good trigger time. Stills are great but movie mode is a little grainy. I'd buy a second one.


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+1 more for the Bushnell TC. Mine's been running since December 2009 and the battery indicator still reads full power... after over 7000 pictures and a few hundred video clips.