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Need suggestions...


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Sunbury, OH
I am going to a really sweet Haloween bash and need ideas for a costume. I really don't wanna go with a store bought, cheesy deal. Actually my wife needs ideas also. She won't do the naughty nurse thing anymore :( Any help is appreciated...even though it is from a buncha fuggars :smiley_adfundum::smiley_breakdance::smiley_blackeye:



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NW Ohio
I am going to think like Swantucky. He seems to be pretty creative in his thinking. Okay, putting my tucky game face on.

Go as a penis and vagina.
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Southeast Ohio


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NE Ohio
You could hollow out a potato, put yer manhood in it and go as a dick-tater...
Just tryin to help, my man.


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North Central Ohio
Your wife could go as a pregnant nun and you could go as The "Rattle Snake" Steve Austin. That would be a great costume for ya and give you another reason to drink some beer lol.


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You have kids, so you'll get this...
Go as Buzz Lightyear and Bo Peep. There are some really good Bo Peep costumes (hint hint).

The wife and I are going as Boba Fett and Princess Leia.
Here's what we were in the past: (all sexy ass stuff for her!)
1. Marie Antoinette and Napolean (you can see this in the "Halloween" album on facebook)
2. Pocahotass and Tonto ((you can see these on the "wall photos" album on Facebook)
3. Playboy Bunny and Hugh Hefner
4. She Ra and Skeletor (you can see these on the "wall photos" album on Facebook)
5. Axl and Slash - she was Axl (it was kinda tough banging her that night looking like a dude and all)
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Seen a blonde and a brunette handcuffed to each other a few years ago at a bar in Pa. One was dressed as an angel, the other as the devil. I know this isn't helping you but it's bringing back some good memories for me!