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Neighbor's ML Buck


Senior Member
Allen County
My neighbor hunts whenever he gets a chance to get away from farming and his full time job...which ain't very often. Even so, he seems to have more luck than the average guy.

4 years ago, he shot his first deer with a bow. A very respectable 8 pt. buck...130s, I'm guessing. This year he got to try out his T/C muzzleloader that he purchased 4 years ago, sighted in and never carried it into the woods...till this year.

Poor slob...and he gets stuck shooting this "little guy". Another respectable, 8 pt. buck that had been flushed out of a wood lot. It was on a dead run at 75 yards. He said that it was out of his scope from having to lead it so much, at that distance.

I've always said that I'd rather be lucky than good. This guy sure is and it shows. :smiley_bril: