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New bird hunter

Morning guys,

I've been stalking around the deer forums here for about a year now. I am wanting to get going on some birds now.

I hunted duck and doves a little as a kid, but never a lot,so I am pretty inexperienced right now. Just got a black lab puppy from the breeder and he is just over 9 weeks now. I've been reading anything and everything I can about dog training, upland birds, and waterfowl.

If anyone has any tips or suggestions on good books I would appreciate it. I'm also looking to find someone to maybe take me under their wing (pun intended) and show me and Mack the ropes. Basically I am looking for a mentor. If there is one thing I've learned, all the books and scenarios don't mean a thing if you can't put it to practice.

I live in Canton and can travel as long as I have some heads up to put in the vacation days. I'm lucky to have a job with 5 weeks vacation a year and really want to get after some birds.



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start with the bill hillman DVD for when he's a puppy teaching sit and lead work and then after you complete that move on to Lardy's TRT dvd. One thing I learned and I should have listened to a forum member on here but didn't... do not do any retrieving until he's thru obedience. If you got him from a breeder he has retrieving in his blood and the drive is there. Boomer was a maniac with speed and needed to be worked slow and I paid for it by throwing bumpers. Maybe a bumper a day but I was doing a half dozen throws and he developed some bad habits I had to break at 6mo old. Sit means sit, best thing to start teaching em now.

You just trying to hunt w/ em or run em in hunt tests?
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