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New Longbow.

I finished my first longbow a few weeks ago and I just now got around to posting up the pictures. The bow is hickory with an ipe handle. The specs are 70 inches and 52lbs at 28 inchs. I put a real sinew string on it which was a pain ass to make. The are more bows to come and a blog to follow.

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NeatO Arch! I admire guys who can make a bow. I just buy my longbows and recurves key read!


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Nice! Where did you learn how to make the self wood bow? I have several books on the subject. I also have a couple hickory self wood bows I have made.


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Archer, nice work...how is the tiller on it? Did you back the bow at all?
No this bow is unbacked hickory but once I get stationed Im going to play around with with fiberglass. I played around with this bow alittle more before I left and the brace height is now 8.5 inches. Ill probably never build another 70 inch bow again just because the thing is too long. On the other hand with the long AMO and brace height it is a very forgiving and smooth bow to shoot.


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tell you what archer, when you get a solid place ta put yur feet down let me know and i will send you some osage board to mess around wif...a couple of quick tips for your second one....round some of those hard corners off because they can lead to a couple problems. Corners are heavy stress inducers when put into cross sectional forces and hard corners also can become a great place for a splint to start if you drop your bow and dent it. if you go any shorter on length you will probably have to go to quarter saw'd wood and some kind of backing. thats a hell of a first bow. Try to find you a #49 or #50 nicholson rasp...or realistically or Torges rasp....i have all 3 and dean perfected them both with his model.