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New Longbow


Senior Member
Allen County
I've owned several recurves, over the years. So, I thought I'd try my hand at a longbow. This one is an OMP October Mountain Products, the Strata model, which is 62" long and 40# @ 28". :cool: I've got a Selway quiver ordered that should be here tomorrow, which will help with canting the bow and add some weight to the bow for a more steady shooting process.
I'm in the process of tuning arrows to the bow, at the moment....the usual field tip weights, brace height, etc. I'm currently shooting some Victory TradClassic carbon arrows, in the 650 spine and at full length. I'm still knocking the rust off of my anchor point, clean release, etc. :rolleyes:



  • OMP Strata 1.png
    OMP Strata 1.png
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