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new property

im extremely excited , i got permission to muzzleloader hunt a 28 acre parcel that is surrounded on all sides by heavily managed land owners , if the bucks are smaller then 120 inchs they dont get shot , only a certain amount of does are taken every year , its only 28 acres but its surounded by 2100 acres of managed land , heres the real kicker all the land owners keep in touch with which deer are taken , which ones seen , shared food plots , shared feeders , so on and so forth, and the property i got permission to hunt is located smack dab in the middle of all this deer heaven , im going saturday to talk with the land owner to get sole rights to plant food plots , feeders , trail cams , and to get permission for a few select people to hunt with me over the season . if all goes well i will have a platform shooting house on this property over looking a 3 acre food plot by next summer there has been 3 bucks taken out of this area this year over 140 inchs , ive become pretty close friends with these people over the past two years and finnaly had the guts to ask permission for this place , it gets very little bow pressure , and very little gun presure , but they come out of the wood work for muzzy season , looks like christmas came early for me , plus i got sole permission to coyote hunt and trap 2100 acres
had a meeting with them tonight , had some great home cooked food , shot some guns , while were sitting there shooting guns , here comes a 150 class 8 pointer across the guys field following a doe , he didnt act like we were even there even wit hthe gun shots going off this deer didnt flinch, the doe would run when we shot and he would chase her but the buck acted like he never heard a shot , anyway gong back tomorrow to have another chat , hoping i get to hear what i want about sole permission for this place