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New setup for the kids


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Didn't get to hunt it today but got a blind setup for kid friendly hunting this year. On my buddy's new property. East property line to avoid kids stinking up the area. Short walk in. Should see some movement. Probably not going to be the best location for big bucks, but should see plenty of does and the occassional small bucks. Here is the location and another shot partially brushed in. Hope to get the kids out more this year.


  • IMG00246-20101017-1629 ground blind partially brushed in.jpg
    IMG00246-20101017-1629 ground blind partially brushed in.jpg
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  • IMG00244-20101017-1605 groundblind location.jpg
    IMG00244-20101017-1605 groundblind location.jpg
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Tree Monkey

NW ohio
I plan on doin that saturday and taking my 3 yr old out for an hour or two...just to see if she can see a deer up close....probably won't work like I want but we will see.