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New trapper needing mentor

Hello my name's Craig Smith I'm 30 years old from southern Ohio. My stepfather was a trapper, I went with him when I coukd. He passed two years ago and I wanted to keep his traditions going so here I am. I'm looking for someone I can learn from and possibly ride with on their line. Also willing to work for farmers or anyone be who would allow me to take trap in their property. I run a YouTube channel where I do survival videos, Bushcraft, woodcraft flint knapping, primitive weaponry and more. I even learned to tan my hides myself. I look forward to hearing from anyone and learning from people on the his forum


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Welcome Craig. I’m a little west of you down 28. I’m no help on the trapping unless you are looking for a place to trap coons. A bit of a drive for that though. Glad to have ya!


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Welcome too the site, there’s a few here who are diehard trappers who have years of experience. Hit the threads and do some reading and ask some questions. I think if you can master the whole survivalist lifestyle, trapping would come fairly easy for you.
You looking for foothold and snare sets or strictly foothold?


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Hey Craig. Lots of info here regarding trapping. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. What species are you planning to target? Season is out on furbearers, Coyotes can still be trapped though.