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Nose Jammer


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Interesting, but seems kind of gimmicky to me. I believe human noses can be overwhelmed by certain smells... But I'm skeptical about jamming up the olfactory sense of a mature whitetail buck. Think about all the different smells they're able to process throughout the fall! Food, soil, dead leaves, camp fires, pine needles, apples, humans, other animals... and yet they can still pick out a doe that's in peak estrus vs a doe that's not. Jam up the nose of a whitetail??? Seems pretty far-fetched to me.


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Yeah you can't "jam" he nose of a white tail. It is designed to smell in "parts" a white tail doesn't smell a cheeseburger. He smells the cheese, the mustard, the tomato, the bun, right down to the sesame seed. The reason the smoker works is it kills odor causing bacteria, and continues killing it. The smoke smell is really just a byproduct. Does it also act as a cover scent some. Sure. But it's not "just" a cover scent.