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ohio slob hunters on video


Senior Member
"One shot that could be good...or it could be bad.....two.........oh there's three"

And also the worst camera job I've ever seen.

Oh look, they shot a deer with an orange vest in the background...out in the neighbor's field.

"This is an SUV trail we're on...oh I mean an ATV trail"

And a basket 8 pointer...the flashlight in the mouth and blaming on it getting hazy because of the snow for shooting a small deer.

YUP, this qualifies as dumb and a waste of time. Glad I got 5 citations for my paper done in the meantime.


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Sad to say this is the county to the south of me. I think I went to school with the camera man for awhile. If not, the name is very familiar. The shooter's name sounds familiar too. Congrats to Brow Tine Productions for filming a nice 2.5yr old. Probably the safest hunt I have seen in awhile. At least he didn't say, "Hey, hold my beer, there's a deer!" :smiley_armscrossed:


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I couldn't even watch it all. Dang, I hope the stuff I video doesn't make me look like a retard.

Don't worry Greg. The stuff won't make you look like any more of a retard than you would on any other day of the week. lol


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How could you shoot with guys behind the deer? Slobs for sure! This video should be used in hunters education to show what not to do.


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My Comment on the vid.

If I was your neighbor standing across the field and you took that shot, you would have found that deer after getting your jaw wired back together. Stupid... Stupid... Stupid...


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NW Ohio Tundra
That was a shitty video and the guy running the camera had the sniffles the whole time, and he was annoying as hell to boot. Reminded me of a porn producer the way he talked....probably his 2nd job.

The angle on that shot was way too close to be taking with those guys in the background and the frozen ground. "Brow tine productions, come hunt with us".......... I don't think so!


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North Central Ohio
Exactly why i head to the hills and hollows for slug season. People don't understand how far a slug can skip in the flats.

I can only imagine how far a skipper will travel. That's why in our flat land I didn't take the shot on the doe the other day. Houses and other buildings only being 1/2 mile away wasn't enough room for me to attempt a shot. Beside the skipping action you have to consider the ricochet that may occur from frozen solid mud clods. Not Good is all I can say lol.

I think the people who want to make rifles legal in Ohio should watch that video and see why they shouldn't be lol. If I would have been that neighbor I would have been pissed off and would truck my ass over and have a few nice colorful words with those fellers :smiley_blackeye:.