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Ok lets see the traditional archery collections.

mike, anything 58 or longer would work . when shooting a rec. or longbow you dont stand or hold it the same as shooting a compound . there for your draw length will shorten alot . im 6 ft. and shoot a 28 inch draw .


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The second bow is a Damon Howatt 46# at 28" I picked this one up at a pawn shop about 20 years ago.


Thats a D/H Mamba!. I have been shooting these bows for 20+ years and still have 3 of them that I use for target and Hunting. Excellent bows :)
Too bad the new ones aren't worth spit :(

Two of the newest ones I have are made by Steve Wagner (Wagner Archery) in northern Ohio. Great bowyer.

Below is the T/D that Steve had at the trad shoot in Ross county last month.

Above is a African wood 80# Longbow that Steve built for me as a replacement to the one I broke last year.
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I'm a big fan of vintage recurves especially from the 1960s. I take the summer months and shoot the ones I own at the traditional shoots I attend. My favorite of all time for me is my 1970 Bear Custom Kodiak takedown. They made three different length risers. The A handle being the shortest and the C handle the longest. This is a B handle with a sight widow cut outfits site if a person preferred one. Bear made three different length limbs for these bows. The B handle could be 60,62 or 64 inches depending on the limbs. Great feeling a shooting bow! A true classic and one of the Holly Grail bows for a Bear collecter.
Never was a big Ben Pearson fan. But this bow is one that really performs. A early 70s Mercury Hunter. This bow actually has mercury in the riser under the two gold caps. To aid with shock when the bow is shot. I don't know how much that helps but it is a really smooth bow to draw and shoot and the limb design on this model will perform with any recurve made then and now. A great piece of archery history and love owning and shooting it.
Heres another sweet recurve. 1969 Bear Super Kodiak,. 43lb, serial number 7. Pretty cool find from Craigslist. Drove almost to Indy and met this lady at a truck stop off 70. First thing I noticed was the low serial number. She told me her father had won a Bear hunt in North Carolina at a sportsman show in 1970 and Kurt Gowdy was there and presented this bow with a case to him. That explained the low number to me. She also said her father killed a bear on the hunt that was filmed for the American sportsman show but it never aired. She still has the bear rug. Cool history to this bow! Was a lucky find for me. Shoots great by the way.