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  1. S

    DEAL Fishing & Archery Store in Fairborn, Ohio Going Out of Business Sale

    Fishing & Archery Store in Fairborn, Ohio Going Out of Business Sale American Pro Tackle & Archery 8 W. Main Street Fairborn, Ohio 45234 Everything on Sale at rock bottom prices. Rods/Reels/Combos Plastics Hardbaits Hooks Bobbers/Floats Fishing Line Compound & Recurve Bow Packages...
  2. bowhunter1023

    Dude Perfect Archery Video

    If you have never seen any of the Dude Perfect videos, you are missing out! I found their archery trick shot video today and had to share. If you golf, you need to watch their golf stereotypes video!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzUiVoYJQis
  3. 5Cent

    Ten Point acquires Horton Archery Assets

    Just an FYI. I know some memebers have Horton bows, and some were looking to purchase. TenPoint Purchases Horton Archery Assets Published on Monday, July 08, 2013 Tags:Archery News|Horton|Shooting Industry News|TenPoint Crossbows TenPoint Crossbow Technologies Mogadore, OH...
  4. ohio mossy oak

    FOR SALE Fully Loaded 2010 Elite Archery Z28

    I am selling a loaded 50-60(62lb max)/28.5inch draw length module 2010 Elite Archery Z28 in all black Ninja finish.It has 24 strand 452x strings and cables in brown/red speckled colors with 300 shots or less on them and some used factory strings included Comes with: Torquless Grip...
  5. Jackalope

    Bow Shoot at Crooked Run Archery

    All Invited. First Annual TheOhioOutdoors Bow Shoot at Crooked Run Archery. July 28. Crooked Run is located at 44894 County Road 55 Coshocton, OH 43812 (2.5 miles behind Roscoe Village) First shooters enter the course at high noon. 30 Brand new 3d Targets. C.R. has given TOO a 50%...
  6. matt hougan

    Tribe Archery (Spam)

    A friend of mine has started a new line of pretty high tech recurves. Check it out! http://www.tribearchery.com/
  7. jagermeister

    PSE Quantum Tune-Up

    My brother has been shooting an old hand-me-down PSE Quantum, circa 2001. It's a nice bow... mainly a target-style of bow, but it'll fling 'em good enough to kill deer as well. But at 39" axle-to-axle, it isn't exactly the most treestand-friendly bow out there. Anyway, he's been rocking the...
  8. jagermeister

    Vaportrail Archery - Customer Service

    I don't know how many of you guys here have used or currently use any Vaportrail Archery products, but if not I would highly recommend them. Limbdriver arrow rests, string dampeners, custom strings, etc. I'm a big fan of their products. Recently I had a couple minor issues... One was an...
  9. Bowhunter57

    The Greater Monroe & Toledo Area 2012 Archery Schedule

    May: 27 Lenawee 30 3D 26, 27, 28 Mudjaw Bowmen Memorial Day Weekend Shoot June: 2 Mudjaw 14 Target NFAA Paper Shoot 10 Lincoln 30 3D 10Wildwood 30 3D 10Maybee 30 3D 17 Mudjaw 30 3D Father's Day Shoot 17 Tomahawk 30 Mixed Game 17 Winameg 30 3D 24 Lenawee 30 3D 24 Dundee 30 3D...
  10. jagermeister

    How To: Walk-back Tuning

    When it comes to dialing in your favorite hunting or 3d rig, there are many many different means to an end. Paper tuning, broadhead tuning, creep tuning, french tuning, bareshaft tuning... the list goes on and on. Some are basic, some are borderline hair-splitting. If you read any of the...
  11. S

    DEAL Southwest Ohio Chapter of Safari Club April 21 Benefit Dinner

    Admin Edit. TheOhioOutdoors.com is not a method of advertising events / services / or products by individuals who are not contributing members. Please feel free to stick around and offer your personal contributions to the community before posting such ads. . Thank you.
  12. T

    Good archery shop?

    Can someone recommend a good archery shop near Willoughby? I am looking for a place that is good at tuning bows. I normally send my bows out to be tuned by one certain guy but it is usually a long waiting list. Any suggestions are much appreciated.
  13. bowhunter1023

    First Annual TOO Bow Shoot at Crooked Run Archery Club

    We have been tossing around some ideas for a TOO bow shoot at the Cardinal Center that would double as a bow shoot and educational venue. So this offer from Marcus came along at a good time. I do not have a ton of details at this point and I'm sure things will develop as we get closer to the...
  14. Mao

    Help out our archery club... Win a hat!!!

    Hey guys. After a year off we are going to be able to get our archery club back up and running. We are going to have 30 brand new 3D targets and our shoots will begin in April. I will post more info. as it becomes available. We now have a facebook page up and running. Stop by and "like"...
  15. Fluteman

    FOR SALE Archery Equipment For Sale

    Alright fellas, got a few things I'm looking to get rid of. Gonna do some upgrading in the off season, so I need to fund my new gear. I posted all these over at AT, so I'll just post what I've got and the links. Pictures are included in the links. Norway Fusion Vanes, 96 White, $17 TYD...
  16. Bowhunter57

    3D Archery sub-forum?

    There might be enough interest to have a sub-forum to the Archery Tuning, Technology and Principals section....called 3D Archery Shoots & Schedules. Here's a possible starting link: http://www.3dshoots.com/search_3d_archery.html Bowhunter57
  17. ohio mossy oak

    NOCK OUT!!! A competitive archery reality TV show

    Check it out folks!!...Nock Out is a competitive reality TV show that pits 12 top compound archers against each other in team and individual challenges in order to determine the best all-around archer. The link to the site an pilot episode is below..I enjoy the concept an show very much...
  18. ohio mossy oak

    Athens Archery announcement

    From Athens Archery...................................
  19. W

    NASSA Plumbrook archery hunt

    I have been selected for the Plumbrook archery hunt in section A-4. Does anyone have any information or MAP about this section. Any help would be appreciated!
  20. U

    indoor archery simulators

    monday i went to woodland outdoors by clendening lake they have a indoor archery simulator , let me tell you this , if you have never shot at one , ya need to . this thing wasa freakign blast , we were just gonna shoot one round with four people , but we ended up spending three hours there , its...