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Okay, spill the beans


Git Off My Lawn
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North Carolina
No punn intended lol... I'm heading to Ravenna this weekend, and am getting the slug guns out and blowing the cobwebs off of them (mine and my Son's) and I was wondering what the average shot range you're taking with the slug weapon of choice? I have the Marlin 512 Slugmaster and have averaged 30 to 50 yard shots if my memory serves me right. My longest was about 125 yards and shortest, well lets say the wad hit the deer as well as the slug lol. I think it was around 10 paces lol... Supposed to be a warm day Saturday so hopefully we'll be done early and back in time to make the evening hunt with the bow...


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Mahoning Co.
My average gun shot on a deer probably averages 30 yards, give or take a little. Most of the woods I hunt in doesn't offer many clear shots much farther then 75 yards. Closest I ever shot a deer? 8 or 10 feet. Longest ? About 175 yards, little hard to be exact because it was down a steep hill.
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Norton, OH
With a slug gun, shortest was about 10 yards, longest about 75. With the muzzy longest was 250. I shoot lightfields, sighting in at 50 yards. Here is a good article.


In short summary, sight in at 50 since slugs reach subsonic shortly after that. Read the article. Speaking of Ravenna, if your son happens to get sick, I am just a short phone call away if you need a 2nd person in a pinch. ;)


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NE Ohio
I'd have to say an average is around 35 yards.. Much like Sam, I hunt woods and ocasionally the field shot. Longest was around 80 yards w/ a sabot. Shortest was under 10 yd. and I remember wondering what that whiteish thing was bouncing off the deer when I shot. (The plastic wad. lol)

Have fun J


Git Off My Lawn
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North Carolina
Matt I'll keep you in mind but they frown on surprise replacements where we hunt lol. The military hunt in the restricted areas or what's left of them. I remember after 9/11 we had the place to ourselves that season and the deer hunting really was bad nothing was moving because we had like 50 people in the whole place. The guides walked around all day but they just weren't moving...


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Central Ohio
Good luck in there J.... I've always wanted to get in there to hunt. Definitely some bruisers roaming around in there


The Crew
Swanton, Ohio
Shortest slug kill 8 yards, longest 115. Muzzy 237.

Regarding Ravenna. I am no expert having only hunted there once but it was pretty warm the day we hunted. Activity dropped off by 9:30 so my buddy and I did small pushes the rest of the day. It seemed everyone else just sat but with the warm temps the deer were not moving. I think we were the only guys to tag out that day. Don't be afraid to do some small pushes if you are not seeing anything. We got some great looks coming home on the turnpike with 4 deer piled on the hitch hauler.