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One Ill never forget


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A few of you may have already heard this one but it's a good one:smiley_bril:

During my deployment this past year I chose to take my 2 week leave in November for obvious reasons. The trip from Afghanistan to Ohio was a long one, but I was not gonna miss a day in the treestand for anything.

It wasnt a problem getting up that next morning because of the time difference. 6 AM in ohio, is 230 PM in Afghanistan :smiley_confused_sch

I couldnt remember where my good broadheads, arrows, and camos were that morning. ( Came to find out later the the wife had put it all in the basement). So I grabbed the first arrow and broadhead I seen and headed out.

It was raining pretty good that morning. I got to the stand at sunrise. About 20 minutes later a few dogs ran some doe right under the stand. Not 5 minutes later, HE showed up.

I tried not to look at the antlers, but it was hard. I came to full draw much too early, and the rain made it hard to see through the peep. FINALLY, he made the deadly broadside turn. When the arrow hit I felt like puking.

I hit him back...way back. Almost in the hind quarter. I was furious. I knew I wouldnt find blood in rain like this. All I could do was walk towards the way he ran. I didnt give him any time, I climbed right down and headed that way. To my surprise, not 45 yards from the stand, there he lay. Hit an artery...thats what I meant to do, right? :smiley_bril:

To put the icing on the cake, I had used an NAP practice broadhead with a blunt tip. Before you criticize me, I didnt know that was what I had picked up that moring.

Ill never forget my deployment buck.


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Very nice! Thanks for bringing that big boy back to the forums! I remember reading about it on another (not to be mentioned) site.:smiley_bril:


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North Central Ohio
I remember that story from last year :D. Very nice buck and a nice doe too.

My family and I thank you for your service and glad your back safe and sound :D.


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Very cool story and a nice buck to boot. Thanks for re posting. Also i would like to thank you for your services, because of guys and gals like you, i can enjoy our many freedoms. Thanks again, good luck this year.


The Crew
Swanton, Ohio
Nice buck and good story. Sometimes things are just meant to be. Way I see it the buck was a very small karma payback for your service!! My family thanks you!!!!!


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Nice buck dude. Glad you could get back and enjoy some hunting... Don't fell bad about the broadhead... I accidentally shot one with a field point once. Never took my eyes off the deer as i grabbed an arrow out of the quiver. 1 out of 5 chance. I usually keep that one in the middle slot but somehow got them switched around. Double lung and killed here dead in about 250 yards.


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There's some on here that's got a field point kill story to tell and some whopping pictures of a wall hanger too, but I won't ruin it or divulge.

Great story '06 - you deserved that one.


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Awesome deer, and I love the wall paper!

As far as the story goes, I appreciate honesty. We are all human and make mistakes. There must have been some karma coming your way for the hunt to unfold like it did.

Stay safe over there, and Thank You For My Freedom!


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Gods Country
Very nice read 06. Again I am glad you made it home safe and am looking forward to reading about more of your hunting expeditions for this season.