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One more for the road...


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Columbiana County
That is some Shakespearean shit right there..... Jesse, couldn’t be happier for ya buddy. You busted your ass (and your head) for this one. Congrats buddy....


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love the story and write up. Congrats again buddy. I told you earlier this year if there is one guy I was rooting for (other than myself) it is you. You hunt hard, have passion, and sometimes just don't have the deer God's blessings. This year you did and you made a great shot. Very happy for you........I am still after it!
I'm always amazed at the way you put your thoughts and memories down for us to read. Im so envious of you for that. It reminds me of the many wise old timers i grew up around who could keep you hanging on every word. And for that alone, thanks Jesse. I definitely did not get that gift. And congrats on getting it done for your family and for your own sanity. What a great buck and a one of a kind memory it provided you


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I sincerely appreciate the kind words, Ryan! And everyone else's for that matter! I believe in "ancestral memory" as I can see several things in me that are very evident in my ancestors and for which there is no real explanation as to why I possess that same characteristic or ability other than it was already present in my DNA. Writing in one of those things. I sucked at it until I started posting stories on OS almost 15 years ago. Over time, it's just something that came to me and I'm convinced that because my grandfather was an author and great storyteller, he passed some of that on to me. This story wasn't something I needed to think about really, just sit down and start typing. I can't take credit for it, it's just something that's inside and as long as I sit down and put the effort in, typically I get something worth reading. It also helps me do the work knowing there are others out there that enjoy reading my ramblings!