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Opening day


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Up Nort
For those of you who don't know me, I'm new to hunting with this being season #3. No kills for me yet.

I hunted until noon at my morning location and saw two on the neighboring property. The corn is still up at this location, although I've seen a lot of corn down in the area. Saw a few coons walking in too.

My evening hunt in BG was great. At 6:45 I saw a mom and two fawns. I was hoping they would cut through the trail I was on, but they didn't. Video here.

At 7:35 three more deer came through the opposite direction. Two does and a small basket rack. They spooked for some reason and ran off, but the one doe came back across the field at 7:45 and entered the woods coming towards me. It was really dark. I tried to get her in my scope, but I was having trouble. She saw me the whole time and spooked/snorted. Damn, foiled again. She was a big doe too. Wiser than I.

I skipped this morning and I'll give location 3 a shot this evening. Good luck all.


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Gods Country
Sounds like you are having fun no matter what. Keep at it, it took me four seasons before I finally got one on the ground. It will happen.


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First of all welcome to the site. I see that you're from Perrysburg, I was up there this summer visiting a friend, great area!

Nice video dude, that's some good action. It will all click for you - and when it does, remember that videoing it isn't is as important as putting one down. I hunted quite a bit before getting my first, mostly because of misses (gun) so I know how you feel. But, if you were sitting with a gun yesterday, that's a dead doe. Good luck and shoot straight- can't wait to see that smile on your face in a picture with your first!



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Maumee, OH
Mike, thanks for sharing the video. you saw deer opening day, and that is better then any of your spots in the past. That video looked to smooth, weren't you shaking after you spotted them?