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FOR SALE Pachmayr & Hogue


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1. Hogue Ruger Redhawk 10.00
2. Pachmayr Ruger Redhawk 10.00
3. & 4. Pachmayr S&W - K Square Butt 10.00
5. Pachmayr Ruger Security 6, Servuce 6 & Speed 6 10.00
6. Houge Browning Hi-Power 10.00
7. 2 Benelli, 1 Winchester, 1 unmarked plastic butt plates. 1.00 ea.
8. Mossberg pump gun front grip. 5.00
9 Pachmayr Browning Hi-Power mag. bumpers. Total of 5 bumpers. 5.00

This stuff got wet in my flooded basement. Some of the screws have a little rust. I am going to squirt them with WD-40 and brush them off. Should be as good as new.

It is time to pass some of this stuff on to a new home. I really don’t know if these are good prices or not. What do you think? Make an offer on the whole lot.


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NW Ohio
Steve- If no hits, throw them on ebay. You would be surprised what they will bring. Your prices seem plenty fair.