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Paradise revisited...


Now Posts as Jesse..
SE Ohio
I know a few of you followed my blog on "Paradise" last year over on OS. I was able to get in there this weekend to check on my food plot and to "spruce up" the blind. Things are looking good right now. I made some adjustments to the window set-up that limits visibility and shot selection, but makes it much easier to stay concealed in the blind. I'll be here on opening morning with Tracie. Hopefully, we can get her first bow kill on Day 1 during Hour 1!!!

The blind was looking a little naked after a long summer...

That's better!!!

Grow baby, grow!!!



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Super Mod
North Central Ohio
I remember that blog I thought that was a pretty cool idea. Have you put any cams out there to see whats been in the plots yet ?

I Wish you both good luck and hope Tracie gets her a big boy :D.