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Peep sight bit me...twice!

About 3 months ago, I thought I'd try a peep sight, even though I've been shooting fine without one for many years. I had a 1/4" aperture peep installed at a local pro shop and sighted my bow in at 20, 30 and 40 yards.

I noticed that at 50 yards, my groups opened up to 8" and were hitting high. I had to use my 40 yard pin and shoot the 3" target dot as if it were approximately 43 to 45 yards, to be dead on. Even so, the huge groups were not normal. I just blew it off since I have no intentions of shooting a deer past 40 yards and went hunting.

By the way, my broadheads were hitting exactly to the same point of impact as the field tips.

Well, the second time I went out, a pair of does stopped in front of me at 18 yards and I decided to take the shot. Upon release of the arrow, I heard a loud crack. It sounded more like a tree than a bone. The does ran off and I went to dig my arrow out of a tree. A hunting buddy of mine said, "In low light situations, if you're shooting with both eyes open the non-dominant eye will take over, if you're not positioned correctly and a miss to the left or right will be huge." Well, that must have been what happened. :smiley_confused_vra

Just recently a mature doe presented a broadside shot at 22 yards. I centered the pin on her lungs, just behind the front leg and released. The arrow cleanly missed, over her back by an inch and sank into the ground before she even moved. Again, the peep must have not been centered...high and low, with the pin. This was a "meat in the freezer" shot and not something that I would miss. :smiley_depressive:

You guessed it...that peep sight's off of my bow and I went back to shooting the way I've been shooting. Bad experiences, but a definate lesson learned. At least I have my confidence back in my bow, from 20 to 50 yards and it's hitting a 3" target dot at 50 yards...again. :smiley_blink:

Peep sights are great devices for those that can use them. I am NOT one of those.

It's early, yet...so I gotta get back out there. :smiley_beard:
Good hunting, Bowhunter57


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With bowhunting, it's all about what you feel comfortable with. Some people just have that feel with a longbow and a cedar arrow; I am not one of them. It's the same thing with peep sights and kisser buttons, it's all about what you feel comfortable using.


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it wasn't the peep man .... you can fix it but most people don't like wearing glasses and or a patch. i don't blame you. well i do but i don't:smiley_crazy:


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Not an expert by any means but there are a couple of differant sizes and the smallest one always worked the best for me. The bigger one always gave me fits... I think the small dia. one is an eighth and the bigger a qaurter of an inch... It's been a while since I've shot a compound but that's what I remember lol
Milo said:
it wasn't the peep man .... you can fix it but most people don't like wearing glasses and or a patch.
I understand what you're saying, but I don't want to further restrict myself with more gadgets, while hunting. It would be fine for 3D shooting and that would be the place for a smaller aperture...smaller than the 1/4" one that was in my string.

Just the same, since removing it, my groups have become smaller (like they used to be) and no accuracy issues at any distance.

My thoughts are "don't fix it, if it ain't broke". Things are and were fine, but I thought I'd try something new. Should've gave it a better field trial on the 3D courses. Live and learn. :smiley_blink:

Good hunting, Bowhunter57