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Persistance pays off


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Gods Country
Well to start things off it was a Monday, but not like any Monday I have had in a very long time. There are many blessings to share with my TOO buddies.

To start it off work was actually easy today. Wasn't swamped and actually got off a little early so that I could hit the woods. The blessings really started while on my last call. I had worked at this place in the past and it is another dream residence of mine. Needless to say I was not happy with the reason I was there. Instead of getting someones heat on I was dealing with a clogged toilet had overflowed onto the bathroom floor poo and all and was soaking into the carpet. Well once I was dealing with all the crap and letting the customer know it was all good to go. I asked a very simple question and it went something like this. "I have to ask because I know the answer is NO until I ask... Do you alow anyone to archery hunt your property?" I was ecstatic to hear the response YES!!!!!!!! This property is just a couple miles as the crow flies from another property that I have been hunting this season. It is sporting 72 1/2 acres and is mostly wooded, and is where there is a lot of deer a definitely has big boys traveling it. WOO HOO!!!! Win #1

So I leave this and head to a stand that I haven't sat in for nearly an month. Got into the setup about 3:45. It was very calm and a light snow falling. Just a gorgeous afternoon to be in a stand. As I was sitting there I was texting with the neighbor to find out what kind of movement has been going on since he is a big time hunter and keeps a close eye on all the activity in the area. He let me know that they had been showing up at his corn right around 5:30 to 6 every night. He told me they had been coming from my direction too. This got me very excited as I was sure I would see deer because of the tracks in the area. At about 5 I spotted my first deer. She was not coming from the direction I was suspecting though. She was about 80 yards away in the woods and moving east. I was expecting to catch the deer coming form the east not heading to the east. I had the tree between her and I and she still somehow picked me off at 80 yds. She stood there for probably 10-15 minutes stomping the ground and moving around trying to get a better angle to figure out what I was. Eventually she moved on to the east. All of a sudden there where 8 to 10 more deer moving in the same direction, and weren't wasting any time getting through there. I thought if nothing else I got some good sightings. Then I look to the east and catch a glimpse of some deer moving into the field. Here they all circled back around to the east corner of the field I was sitting on the edge of and was coming back my way. A nice sized doe and a buck where the first two. I got drawn as they where still suspicious of me. At this point in the game I must say I was strictly hunting meat. What ever had the biggest body and offered a shot was getting it. The buck presented me with a 31 yard quartering away shot. The arrow hit its mark and the deer scattered. I was able to come back with my bro in law a couple hours later track him and get him drug out. WOO HOO!!!!! WIN #2 more meat for the freezer.

He is not the biggest deer by any means but he has a decent body on him and I have hunted hard and long. He is a trophy in my eyes none the less. Not because of the bone but because of not giving up and persisting through a very tough season.

This also broke a bad streak for this property. I had just acquired this property in early Nov. In 15 years of hunting deer I had never shot a deer and not found it. This happened for the first time this year at this property. Not only did it happen once but twice in 3 days. So harvesting this deer on this property has definitely gotten a monkey off my back that has been weighing heavily on me since Nov. WOO HOO!!!! WIN #3

So I get home and it just keeps coming. I open my email and here the neighbor I was texting with sent me some pictures of a 130 to 140 class buck that has survived and only looks to be a young deer. I will post pics on another thread and start some guessing on age. WOO HOO!!! WIN #4

Also the wifes grandma stop by. She brought a late Christmas to our house. $200 dollars in groceries. A kinnect for the Xbox. Which was for the family and not just the kids, and then She got me a Moultrie D-50 IR. I do not know much about the Moultrie but would like for any of you guys that have some experience with them to chime in and let me know whether I should keep it or trade it in for a truth 35. WOO HOO!!!! WIN #5

Just glad I got guys like you to be able to share all the highs and lows with. :smiley_coolpeace:


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HELL YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Steve I am so glad that you connected and shot that deer! I saw your frustration that one night and heard it again and for you to harvest one of that gorgeous property is amazing!

You are a lucky bastard on gaining another property in that direction and I am going to have to become an HVAC/Plummer, not a lawyer! Congrats on keeping up that new relationship as well!

I am SO PUMPED about that whole post...I am so glad that you had a great day and that brightens my day as well.

CONGRATS Steve, you deserve that! All that hard work paid off and you stuck it out with the cold TOO!


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SW Ohio
OLE HELL YEAH from me TOO! Awesome story and great hunt, Steve! Congrats on all five of your win/wins!!! I love my moultries but don't know much about the one you got. One of mine has great battery life(5.0 IR) the other not so good but alright(5.0flash) I've only got a few more ops TOO get my deer but knowing one of the TOO family got theirs makes my year just the same! Good Job!


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Hudson, OH
Congrats Steve! I saw you slide the comment in on the daily hunting log but was waiting for the post.

Sounds like a fantastic day. Way to stick with it.


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NW Ohio Tundra
Congratulations on toughing it out and filling the tag. As far as the Moultrie cam, I would keep it......they are fairly good cameras!


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Steve, Steve, Steve..... Holy crap (pun intended) what a great day!!! :smiley_clap: You've got to still be riding high after all of the events from yesterday. Congrats on an absolute trophy of a deer. You definitely hunted hard, stuck with it, and reaped the rewards of all your efforts!! Great pics & great story to match. Big time congrats buddy!!


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Outstanding story! What a great day - glad you shared, made mine better.
Deer shot on Monday are also supposed to be more tender....:smiley_clap:


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Dang brother, what a day! Congrats on everything! Watch out that kinect is addicting... and it'll kick your ass if you play it long enough. lmao


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North Central Ohio
Congrats Steve. I'm glad it all worked out for you. I know you had a pretty rough go at it this year with the 2 none recovered deer and what that can do to a hunters head. I'm glad you stuck with it and closed the deal and got that monkey off your back this year. I suspect next season will find you starting off on the high note again and give you the steam to do it all over again :D.

Congrats again Buddy and thanks for the great story and taking us along for the ride :smiley_clap:.