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Norton, OH
West Branch had a release this past weekend, and I didn't know about it. Buddy and I were driving through scoping stuff out for deer and waterfowl when I saw a rooster walking along the side of the road. Jumped out, grabbed my bow (we were deer hunting) and proceeded to miss the dang thing as he had gone into thicker cover off the road. Gave up on him, drove a little further and saw another, so same story. That one I actually hit, but it managed to escape. Oh well it was fun. Figured I would share, since this thread is hoppin'. :smiley_crazy:


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SE Ohio
Years ago when I deer hunted with a vertical bow I would keep one of my arrows tipped with a Judo point just for those targets of opportunity such as dumb squirrels.

My buddy came back to camp once with an arrow with a nut and a squirrel on it just to show me. Target point went through the nut, squirrel's mouth and and out the back of the head. I did laugh at that one!