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PJ's Buck


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My cousin PJ and his older brother picked up an interest in archery and bowhunting a few years ago. His brother has taken on other interests in that time, but PJ has developed a growing passion for the outdoors and bowhunting. After taking his first deer on a drive two years ago, he has been itching to get back on the board. He just finished a rough stretch at school in Virginia and decided it was time to come home and try a fresh start at Hocking Tech in January. He came home for good last week and texted me shortly after asking if I had any broadheads he could use. I had him meet me for lunch last Thursday and gave him a pack of G5 Montecs. When we were leaving, he asked what he owed me for the broadheads. I said: "Shoot a deer a tell me a story." I had no way of knowing what would happen less than 48 hours later...

I called my uncle's house after dark on Saturday to let him know we’d be out for the fish fry before much longer. It was then that I found out that PJ had blood on the ground. I told them to wait for me and we’d track it after we ate. After polishing off several pounds of walleye, we threw the Carharts on and grabbed out lights. I had Jacob (my other little cousin) lead the way to last blood. Once we arrived at last blood, I had them fill me in on the details. PJ had been sitting in a stand I hung for Jacob two years ago that we call “Joel’s Stand” in honor of our older cousin who is a tremendous deer hunter. At last light, the buck came out of a thicket located in front of the stand and walked uphill towards the stand giving PJ a 20-yard broadside shot. With decent blood at the last spot they stopped looking, I was optimistic from the start.

The boys had lost blood when their flashlights ran out and they had only made it 50 yards from the stand. We immediately found blood at the split in the trail and all at once, we lifted our lights to look into the creek and there laid the buck less than 30 feet from where they stopped tracking! At that point, the celebration was one! My buddy Jamie and I drug the buck uphill to the four-wheeler trail, and then turned it over to the boys. We walked back to the house so they could get a four-wheeler to get the buck out of the woods. Younger cousin Jacob (16) did the gut job for older cousin PJ (18) and made even older cousin and dad/uncle proud! :D

PJ was the man of the hour that night and it was awesome seeing him relish in the moment. He is a pretty laid back kid and to see his enthusiasm bubbling over was something I will never forget. He thanked me later for the broadheads and other gear I had given him, along with all the time I have spent over the past few years helping him with his shooting. I thanked him for doing what I asked; indeed he did kill a deer and not only did he tell me a story, I got to be there to be a part of it! The next morning, we drove out and took several pics of the deer before caping it out. As most college students are apt to be, he did not have the money for a mount, so I agreed to pay his deposit and he had plenty of time to save his money for when it comes time to pick it up. It was just too nice a deer to not have on your wall!!! I figure this deer was a solid 3.5 years old and he gross scored 124”. Not a bad place to start your bowhunting career!!!

PJ, me and Jacob

A young man, his first bow, his first truck, and his first bow kill/buck...

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A young man, his first bow, his first truck, and his first bow kill/buck...

Damn it man, that's enough to bring tears to my eyes. Dead serious. From one college kid starting bow hunting to another - tell PJ I said congrats. That's awesome bro - chalk another deer down thanks to some help from yourself!



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Congrats to PJ on a great memorable hunt and a very nice buck.

Your a hell of a man Jesse for helping out your cousin like you did and the rest of the fellas like you do.

Can't get any better then that my friend :D.


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It's pretty cool that his first deer with a bow is also his biggest to date. Glad I was there to witness his first bow kill. He was definitely on cloud nine!

I guess I'm gonna have to get my butt in gear. I'm getting showed up by an 18 year old punk! :D