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Police officer assulted


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Mahoning Co.

Meet Carolee Bildsten. The Illinois woman, 56, is facing an aggravated assault rap after she allegedly struck a cop with a sex toy.

An officer from the Gurnee Police Department went to Bildsten’s home last night to investigate a report that she had skipped out on a restaurant bill. While there, the officer was hit with a “rigid feminine pleasure device” wielded by Bildsten, according to a police commander quoted by the Chicago Tribune.

In addition to the assault count, Bildsten was charged with theft of services.

Bildsten is pictured above in a mug shot taken in September following her arrest for drunk driving.


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Can you imagine the crap that cop's taking in the locker room lol.... Think I would of forgone the arrest for the sex toy lol....Just sayin, DANG!!!!!