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Pops scores again!


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Every year I make sure my dad shoots a good buck. This year I got a new farm and started running some cams aobut 3 weeks ago. A little over a week ago I started getting photos of a nice ten. It just so happens it was the biggest deer I have had on camera all year.

In the last week and a half I have gotten 3 days worth of daylight photos of this deer. I kept tellnig my dad he needed to go sit in the stand. I hung the stand for him, I told him I wouldnt hunt there and the whole property was his. As bad as I wanted to go sit in this stand, I didnt, even though there was a 140 inch deer there a lot in the day light.

Today started his 1 week vacation for his 2010 rut hunt. He sat for 4.5 hours this morning and didnt see a deer. Tonight he got in the stand around 2pm. Around 5 o'clock he showed up. After that, it was all history. The buck I called the "farm stead" buck was deflated. Everyone has asked me, why didnt you go hunt that stand? My reply is, "I promised my dad I would give him this week." Even thoguh I have been battling one of the hardest deer seasons ever, I still wanted to see my dad shoot a BBBC buck!

So are you guys ready to see him???

Me and pops!

Pops and the chain gang! You should recognize two of these ugly mugs from dead deer photos from the 2nd of November!


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You are a great guy and a great hunter! Congrats to your dad and to you.
That second pic of you and dad and the deer is AWESOME!:smile:

Hey what's the story on that cool lookin' crossbow he's got? Make/model/year? Story behind it?

DAMN that deer is a bruiser! His front legs look like Lou Ferrigno's biceps, like that deer is a weightlifter!


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Way to go pops! You're one good dude Kaiser. Awful big of ya to get all these guys and your dad these bucks. :smile:


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NE Ohio
You a good son.

That is 1 beefy deer. dam!

Congrads to both of you. Great picts too.


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Nice looking deer. Congrats

PS- that xbow made me a little horny. WOOD! :smiley_carnaval:

Tree Monkey

NW ohio
Congrats to your dad and you!!! That is an awesome looking deer! He looks like a damn bull!! big body and big wide nose. Hope you get your dream buck this year!! You put alot of work and effort into the season and hope it works out for ya!!


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Up Nort
Very Honorable! Now go and get a nice 10x12 of that second pic and get it framed. Awesome!!


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Very noble thing to do Kaiser! Gotta take care of the folks. First picture I have ever seen of you with a dead deer AND a smile! That is a great picture of you and your Dad. Congrats to both of you. Ya dun good!


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Central Ohio
WOW!!! That's an awesome buck. One hell of a cool thing you did there Kaiser, and like everybody else has already said, that's second pic is great. That should be going into a frame that'll hang on the wall next to the deer. Nice job, and congrats again!