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Posting off photobucket Question


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SW Ohio
When I first started posting pic's off PB it was easier and different than the way they have it set up now. I get small pic's to post but it takes away from the photo when you have to squint.LOL Before I post some pic's and have them come out small, how do you make sure they come out larger. I tried resizing and then save to new size but they still come out small. When I right click on the image and hit copy and go to paste it won't let me paste. What is the RIGHT way to post these images. Please show this returd the way so he can start riding the big cheese again!


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On PB you will see your pics, if you hold your mouse over one you will see some links apprea above the small picture.

Click the one that says share.

Click the tab that says "get link code"

Under the Bold part named "IMG for bulletin boards & forums"

Select the code from the tiny window that says "full size" and paste it here..

Once you make the post it will show the picture..

Try it out in this thread and lets see if that work for you.


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Southeast Ohio
It is a setting in photobucket. You will have to upload the pics again. Before you do, right below the upload button is a blue like that says "more options." Click there and you can select the size you want the picture to be uploaded as. 15" is the best size for the forums.