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Pretty cool hunt


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Kody, my 10 year old, and I went out behind the house this evening. It's only the 2nd time we hunted this spot this year and the last time we had a 4 point at 30 yards but let him walk.
Tonight we had a ton of action. We are sitting on the edge of a saddle that runs from a point up to a field that runs to my back porch. Our spot has us sitting in the forks of a large fallen oak. The branches serve as a bow rest in the front and the back.
We had 3 doe come by at about 5:00. The mama headed up the saddle and proceeded to make a 90 degree turn right for us. She stopped, while facing us, within 10 yards and fed. My man, Kody, was amazed. We both we're kinda snickering under our breath at how close this girl was (thanks smoker). She finally fed her way off and headed toward the field.
No sooner she was gone we heard all kinds of noise above us. I hit a light grunt and all heck broke loose. A grunt returned my call and thrashing was going on in a thicket. The bad news is it was getting too dark to see and we never did get to see the buck. But, regardless, Kody got to experience a cool up close encounter with a mature doe and he got to hear a buck doing some vocalizing and who knows what else he was doing.
I'm proud of Kody. We were on the ground with no blind and he sat still enough to get deer close. He is addicted... That's for sure. He asks a million questions, but that's part of the fun.
We are playing hookie tomorrow to try a good morning spot. We will be in a blind this time though. Hopefully he gets a crack at a solid buck soon.


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North Central Ohio
Those hunts are the best kind to have. He will take those memories and play them over and over in his head for the rest of his life. I still think and remember hunts I had with my father growing up and even more so now that he isn't alive to make new memories.

Thank you for taking him hunting with you.


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North Carolina
Taking time off from school would be frowned upon by alot of people out there in today's society and they would say your doing your kid a disservice but little do they know the lessons learned and the quality of the time spent afield with father and son or daughter...... My wife will ask me what my son or daughter talked about while afield or on the boat while fishing and I'll say nothing and she'll say y'all spent all that time together and didn't talk about anything and I'll say yup.....