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Problem with miss fireing S&W Revolver


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I thought since I had to do a little gunsmithing I’d take some pictures and put it in the How To for Projects and Crafts.

This is a S&W Model 19-3 I have had for about 10 years. I had never even shot it until about a month ago. That is when I found out it had a problem. Just like my 686 it has had a action job years ago.

Well it was not hitting the primers hard enough and I was having a lot of miss fires. It was real bad, around 2 or 3 out of 6 wouldn’t go off.

Here is how I am fixing the problem. I put all the pictures together and numbered them.

#1 is the pistol S&W 19-3
#2 Shows the location of the screw we need to work on.
#3 Is the screw. What I am going to do is take a little meat off of the back of the screws head so it will screw in just a little more and add some more pressure to the spring that works the hammer.
#4 Shows how I mounted the little screw in my lathe. You wouldn’t need a lathe to do this. You could use a drill mounted in a vice or a drill press and a file to remove a little metal. Just remember a little will go a long way.
#5 Measuring the screw before I remove any metal. It measured .119 before I took off any metal. It was .112 when I finished. I will have to wait until tomorrow to test fire it.


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Sweet buddy. Must be nice to be able to do your own Gunsmithing. Saves some dollars for sure.