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Protect your shaft??

I been shooting Gold Tip XT an Exp.. hunters for a few years now..An I hate when I damage a nock an ruin the back of a arrow..So I am going to try out Eastons CB bushing an G nocks..I got 2 dz Red G nocks from a buddy to try..Just need to order my Bushing ..Like 9$ shipped for a dz..This will add 6more grain to the rear of my arrow..But I am not overly concerned about that..Has any one had much experience with a similar nock an bushing set up on carbon arrows?


Staff member
Never messed with those. I'm most familiar with X, H, and Super Nocks. I've never shot an Easton that was equipped with a bushing of any sort. I do know a lot of guys that love the uni-bushing and from my experience with Easton nocks, I know they are tough. Good luck with the new set-up...