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Pulled a stand today

Spent a few hours today pulling my tower ( scaffleing ) stand

As it seems the local kids found it and think it was their paint ball fort
There are several houses 3-400 yards away , so I am guessing they care coming from there
Lots of bike tracks along the lane from the road to where the stand was
Both the land owner and farmer have been informed and given copys of the trail cam pic's

I may have had to pull the scaffle ing
But the little bastards have caused the deer to shift where they travel
To where I built 3 ground ....slightly elevated stads in the dozer piles of stumps and dirt

So I am not going to pass up the place
Just ajust my locations and camera's

OK rant mode off
Might borrow a paint ball gun and go little bastard hunting :smiley_coolpeace:



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Hudson, OH
Sucks...but boy would that be funny to ambush them with your own paint ball gun! I can see you camped out hidden in camo and all of a sudden just sniping them. They would have no clue... lmao


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Wood Co.
Johnch, I can just picture you with warpaint and holding a paintball gun.:smiley_clap: