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Not sure where to post this, but I may be hittin' some quail soon. I got invited to go on a hunt and it's gonna be pretty awesome. Here's what I want to know. I've never quail hunted and wondered what gun I should take or buy... I have a single shot .410, .20, and a couple pump 12's. I assume all of them will kill a bird, but if you could pick a gun to quail hunt, what make/ model/ gauge would you choose?

Give me something in the medium range ($1500 or lower)...I ain't looking for a $20,000 collectors item to add to a gun show cabinet...just something that will do the job and I know will go bang when I pull the trigger.

Thanks fellas.


Tatonka guide.
i would pick a double gun up preferrably with screw in chokes cause you gonna want and open pattern and 8's


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SE Ohio
I picked up a nice stainless 20 gage SKB O/U with choke tubes a couple of years ago. I think I paid about $1000.00 for it at Cabela's. Been real happy with it. The cheap 100 count ammo packs from Walmart work well in it. Good quail loads they are.


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Did Ithaca make that model? I would like to see a pic of that.
I have a 28 gage Wingmaster that is a sweet heart.

I been looking at some Wingmasters at the gun show. I have had a 12 ga since I was 18 years old. I'd love to get a 28 ga.! I should get a whole set. They are the best pump guns you can own in my opinion.