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Ran Out Of Propane


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So there I was with taters in the oven and steaks ready for the grill. I started it and went out to clean the grates and seen the flame petering out. I went back in and and put a cast iron skillet in the oven and let it get really hot. Steaks had been sitting at room temps for at least an hour all rubbed down with goodness. One by one I would sear both sides then stick the pan with a lid back in the heated oven for a few minutes. I like mine rare and cooking a steak like this one that was almost two pounds was no problem using this method. It turned out so tender and juicy with lots of pink in the middle!

It took a little longer to do four steaks like this, but it was well worth it. Give it a try the next time you run out of propane.



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Whew, thought you meant for the house...that would have made for a cold next 1.5 days...

Looks like you did alright!


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North Carolina
That's why I always have a spare tank full of propane been down that road before lol.... although I like your method, way to get it done