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Random weather thread


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Logo for U.S. National Weather Service

Special Weather Statement

Start Monday, January 17, 6:57 AM EST
End Monday, January 17, 3:00 PM EST

Source: U.S. National Weather Service

...LIGHT SNOW SHOWERS AND FLURRIES LINGER THROUGH EARLY AFTERNOON... While the steady accumulating snow has tapered off, scattered snow showers and flurries will linger about the area through mid afternoon. Reduced visibility and very light accumulations are expected with this activity. Untreated roads will continue to be slick. In addition, gusty west-northwest winds could blow existing snow cover over roadways. Exercise caution if traveling today and allow extra time to reach your destination.

Snow has picked back up and the wind is blowing pretty good, 11-25 mph from the West. Didn't make it out for a morning hunt but, I will for this evening. It's been over a year since I broke out my white camo gear.

Meanwhile, the dogs and I are staying indoors, close to the woodstove, enjoying the red hot wood coals from last night's fire. I'll be stoking the stove as soon as these coals burn down some more sometime before I head out for this evening's hunt.

Stay safe out there if you're out and about in this weather!

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The dark spot just under the pine tree is my 55 gal. trash can...on the left edge is my mail box. Went to bed last night with 4" went out at 8 with 16"+.
Three hours later I'm sitting next to the wood stove drinking my first cup of coffee as I just finished breakfast. The snow is like sand and My Toro 828 handled it well, but after the initial full cut pass I had to take 1/3rd passes after that. Now that I'm finished the plow will come again. There is 6" in the street right now. I cut the edge back to make a dump zone so he can't crush me! LOL He's an old friend and loves to bring me fresh snow!

The wife says no hunting for me today. And the land owner told me he wasn't plowing either as he is recovering from the Rice a Rona himself.
So now I need to clean the flinch lock and put it away for another year. But first I need to pull the PRB and powder. That's where the air compressor works wonders. I pull the touch hole and shoot air in and out flys everything. I catch the PRB in a box with foam in it. When it comes flying out, it wouldn't penetrate a deer but it would leave a good mark!

Snows too deep to mess with the hunting to ice fishing change out, though they were fishing Presque Isle Bay and Misery Bay yesterday.

Still snowing here and the lake effect is just about to start up. We expect snow to continue till tomorrow morning here. Like I said in another post, the weathermeisters' missed again. Time this is over I will be Avalanching 2+' of snow off my roof...



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NW Ohio
A dusting around 9am is what we got. Until. . . . 11am-noonish when freezing rain started. Been going thru hopper after hopper of salt since then. Sitting down to watch the news for a minute. Then making game plan for tonight and in morning. Sounds like more freezing rain on the way.
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Keene, OH
@bowhunter1023. Same thoughts...

Deer hadn't really hit this feeder since I left, that changed with the recent snow. It covered all the feed that was on the ground

Watched the birds get some out of the funnels then Father Curtis comes up and digs thru the snow for all to share..... good guy that FC.

Now all the critters have access to some calories.



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I expect our place to turn into an ice skating rink by E.O.W.

The snow is melting quite rapidly at this very moment and after tomorrow's mid 40's daytime temperature with a mix of rain/snow, I highly doubt we'll have any of the white stuff left on the ground by E.O.D.

After tomorrow's wet weather, and over the following few days afterwards, I'm sure everything will freeze in place, making it extremely difficult for wildlife to find food.

I will continue to maintain both feed piles in our area. I don't want what deer in our area to potentially starve to death or go off searching miles away someplace else and possibly never make it back.

They certainly do not have a problem finding what corn piles I put out for them under inches of snow cover. Never have from my experience, which I've been doing this for them over the past three years.

The following is the latest example, which are TC captures from one of two feed locations just before the snow storm started last Sunday, the 16th and further TC captures through this morning, the 18th.

These bucks and others know exactly where the golden corn is in our woods and I have no problems in making sure they'll always have it too.


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