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NE Ohio
Ever wonder whats in a can of Whoop-ass?



Git Off My Lawn
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North Carolina
I think I see J and Thunderflight in there. :smiley_attention:

Naw... That looks like a C-17, I fly on the C-130, and trust me that would be a tight can too.... I've seen so many kids packed in the back of a 130 that you had to walk across their legs to get where you needed to go.... Their legs were intertwined and there wasn't a gap to be seen.... Between the gear and grunts it was a sight lol.... Oh and Dude if you're relying on me good luck lol... When the mechanics in the Air Force are require to carry a gun and God forbid lay down fire look the hell out hahahaha Just sayin... Dang :smiley_confused_vra