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Agree with jackalope , I work in corrections , when I was asked to join the union , I asked the rep in front of 30 or so other folks , that I liked what the union offered but who did they support , Clinton or Trump , He laughed and said why does it matter , I said because my dues will support one side or the other he then said they supported Clinton , and also Obama in the past I simply told him I won’t be joining the union because I disagree with their beliefs , abortion , crazy gun laws or the fact they attacked coal and WVA is a big coal state and anyone that did t stick by their beliefs was ignorant , I asked him if he hunted he said yes , but had no answer when I asked him why he supported those who wanted our guns or attacked our coal state , no one joined and several canceled their membership , funny how folks support things that can hurt them or their rights , but what ya want and yes do your own thing I buy all my stuff from local shops ran by locals , and some things from mossy oak off their online store , never supported the big stores to expensive and over rated


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That union thing sucks. I’m part of a union and hate the idea of supporting the other side. It’s no secret unions are corrupted, something needs to change in those as well. It’s hard to ask someone to put down a paycheck though... Out here in the skilled trades, I’d say 95% voted for trump, but our money supported her. Rain days are fun buying days for us. Sad mess