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Reach out and touch them

Tonight I decided to try hunting a creek line on a farm I have permission to hunt

When I got there I figured out they were starting to shell corn next to a thick finger of brush that ran into the corn feild

I had left my climber at home and with not ladder stand close
I decided to sit at the base of a large Oak tree and see if anything came out of the corn feild

Well a little before dark I here crunch crunch of a deer walking my way
But not out of the corn , but to it

So it would be coming in from behind me
I snuck a look and saw a doe and her yearling

Not looking to tag another doe right now , I figured they might spoil my hunt
But what could I do

As I sat there , I could here them feeding closer and closer

Soon the yearling is just to my right , when it takes several steps in my direction picking up acorns

It is right next to the tree I am sitting against , not 2' away
As it walked past the tree , it turned to pick up a acorn and it's ass moved even closer

So I figured why not
I slowly reached out and touched the yearling , just barely
But even through my thin gloves , I could feel it's coat

I held my hand still as it moved forward and it brushed against my fingertips 1 or 2 more times

After it moved 30' or so in front of me
Ma Ma feed up on the other side and must have smelled something strange
She didn't bolt
But she snorted 1 time and did the head jerk thing several times
Before moving on

Never have I been so close to a deer that was not dead
After they feed out of sight
I started shaking , sort of like buck fever

I think I will hang a stand where that finger of brush joins the main woods
Maybe I will see the yearling again



*Supporting Member*
Massillon, Ohio
Thats pretty sweet dude. I had aasimilar experience a couple years ago where a button buck was sniffing my boot when I was sitting at the base of this pine looking out into this clearing. I got the same way when they left, I was shaking like crazy. I could have killed that button about 20 times. He would turn away and then come right back to me.

Tree Monkey

NW ohio
That is really cool, I couldn't imagine that. Some time back I read an article and can't remember if it was a right of passage for young indian braves, that they had to bring back a handful of deer hair or just some guy who was really good at natural camouflage and he would do it for fun by laying on the ground and would slap deer as they walked by him. I know those are two extreme verisons of a story but I swear that I read an article about that a while back like 10 years or so.