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Really Hits Home


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Just heard from a girl I graduated with (my wife roomed with her at Akron U.) that her 6 year old son has leukemia. In the email it said he was getting a spinal tap today and will be spending the next 6 months, at least, in the hospital. When you have kids it really hits home about this sort of thing. It REALLY hits home when you know the people affected. She and her family now live in Charlotte, NC but I'm sure your thoughts and prayers can travel that far.
I hate to see anybody stricken with disease, but when it's a kid... just makes you wonder.
It makes you appreciate what you have in regard to health and happiness.

The little boy is Dominic. He's named for his great Uncle... Dom Capers (yes, the NFL's Dom Capers). Please keep little Dom in your thoughts.

Sorry to put sad news on here, but there is strength in numbers. Plus, you guys are good listeners.


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I have been to 1 funeral for a child under 5 years old and i told myself i will NEVER go to one again..... prayer sent cotty.....


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Thoughts and prayers sent to Dom and his family.

Having a 5yr. old little feller I couldn't imagine what they are going through and have to deal with on a daily basis.


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There's no way children should be stricken with things like this.
I can't even come close to imagining what Dom and his parents are going through.
It's a huge reality check for me thinking of things I take for granted.

My family sends out our thoughts and prayers.


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Just got word that the tests came back earlier today and the form of Leukemia is AML. This is a rare form that affects only approx. 500 nationwide each year. The treatment needs to be aggressive. Dominick had his spinal tap today and they injected chemo into his spinal fluid. Starting tomorrow he will get chemo the traditional route. He will get chemo for 10 days straight days.
Thanks for the kind words guys and I already told the family that TOO is a bunch of great guys that are pulling for Dom.


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So sad and so touching. I pray for these children. Brings a tear to your eye, especially if you have children.