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Recurve Buck

In early 1991 I started practising with my Assinhiemer custom recurve, with the intentions of deer hunting that fall. I set a goal of being able to consistantly keep all my arrows grouped inside a paper plate at 30 yards and then keep my shots inside 20 yards.

The fall of '91 found me working a bunch of overtime and I didn't get into the woods until late October. There was an area that held several does close to where I worked...every day. All I had intended to do was to shoot a doe with my recurve, so that I could say, "I shot a deer with my recurve."

As it turned out, the morning of Oct. 26th I went hunting and a deer was slowly feeding towards my position. When it came within about 40 yards it raised its' head and it was a buck. Its' line of travel would take it past me and within 15 yards. The buck stopped at the 12 yard mark, angling foreward and appeared nervous, as if it were going to turn and leave at any moment. He then turned his head away from me, licking his rear leg, on the opposite side and that's when I drew my bow.

At the release, the arrow was centered perfect and passed through both lungs. He bolted back the way he'd came and stood at about 45 yards coughing. He dropped his head as if he were going to fall, then he gathered his feet under him and took off running. He ran as if here were on ice and was struggling to stay on his feet...then he collapsed.

103 paces from where I shot him and there wasn't a single drop of blood. I'll never use a 2 blade broadhead again. The broadhead did its' job, but I could've lost that buck, just the same.

My first Recurve Buck is a 10pt. buck that had a standing weight of 240 lbs., field dressed weight of 191 lbs. and a carcass weight of 148 lbs. My Assenheimer Master Hunter recurve was 64" @ 56# and was shooting 2213s w/ 5" Maxi-Fletch feathers and a Grizzly 2-blade broadhead.

Good hunting, Bowhunter57



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Central Ohio
That's quite an accomplishment. I'd definitely like to take up traditional gear at some point in time. Congrats on a great hunt!!


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Well don "bowhunter"! Any deer taken with bow and arrow is a "trophy". One taken with stick and string is extra special.

Tree Monkey

NW ohio
That is really cool that you were able to get a buck wit your recurve ....some day when I have enought money I will get one and start toying with it for now I will concentrate on my compound and master it.