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Red Arrow TV


Senior Member
This is not a plug....

After meeting Kip and Kat Campbell at the BEC shoot I've been watching episodes of Red Arrow TV hunting. I can't say that I watch a lot of hunting shows (but enough) and I really do enjoy the down-to-earth nature of it and the hunts. Pretty cool and right to the point.

They run on Sportsman's Channel and then their website. Of course, it's also sweet to see Buckeye Cam ads



*Supporting Member*
Massillon, Ohio
It is a good show, the alligator one last night was a little slow, but the last two were pretty good. My wife and I like the commercial they do for ol man tree stands..The "gotta take my ol man to see the foot doctor" Pretty funny.

The Bow Coach commerical is pretty good one too.

I like their shows and will continue to watch them.


Now Posts as Jesse..
SE Ohio
I had not seen more than a few minutes of their shows prior to meeting them at the shoot. I was able to spent some range time and some campfire time with them and it'll make you a fan pretty quick. I've been watching all the shows I can find now. It's just nice to know that what you see, is what you get...