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Well, eventhough we've had several pictures of some nice bucks early in the season, we've relocated. In the last 2 weeks or so, the activity at our camera has basically ceased with the exception of a 4 point and a spike.
Then I started getting pictures of the property owner, his wife, and their dogs walking past our setup. This has happened more than once. So, basically, the spot has gone dead. They are walking the entire property every evening. It's killing me, but there's not a damn thing I can say.
We are going to try this evening at an old spot that produced two of the bucks on my wall. My dad and I went there this morning and cleared a nice spot by a giant oak for me and the boy and made a nice little ground blind. One good thing about this place is during bow season it is left alone. However, it is at a sportsman club. When gun season comes in you might as well forget it. Guys are driving deer through their constantly and the place goes dead for the reat of the season from high pressure.

Maybe by late in the season though, the people at the other place will cool down with the autumn walks and I can catch the deer back on their regular feeding patterns.


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Good luck Mike. I know Greg has been having a rough week stomping around our good farm. Makes me wonder what goes on there when we aren't there. Other than the massive amount of yotes...
I'm having a simular problem with the landowner of the property that I'm hunting. The difference is that they're driving their ATVs on the trails and dropping off buckets of apples. He got the idea from me, since I've been putting apples out the deer have been coming around and that's how I got the buck that I shot in October.

However, the deer have apples galore and aren't stopping at my spot to eat...or they're eating them at night and his during the day or....NUTS! :smiley_crazy:

I've been blaming their absence on the wind direction and changing weather, but maybe not. I may have to find another place to hunt too. :smiley_chinrub:

Good hunting, Bowhunter57


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That's great news.....great in the fact that you have an alternative and a fall-back plan.
At least you've got that, lot's of other guys would be outta luck.
And your idea about late season - yep, that's a good thing too.


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There ya go Kat! Hope it works out for you.

Tonight, as soon as we sat down, a 6 point cane running in. He mustve heard us walking and thought we were doe. He froze at 50 yards and busted us trying to get the bow up and ready. He totally snuck up on us from behind coming in from the direction we came in.