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Riser Dipping ?


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Two years ago I discovered a cracked limb on my bow. Matthews replaced the limbs at no charge, but they replaced them with black instead of camo limbs. So now I have a camo riser with black limbs. I would like to have the riser dipped black to match. Does anyone know where I can have it done at?


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Up Nort
I would say save the $ and spray paint it as well. Why did they put black limbs on it anyway?


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I would also just paint it myself. If it were the other way around where you needed to make the riser camo, then I'd say yea send it out to be dipped... but there's really no way for it to turn out shitty if you're just going to paint it black. Companies charge out the ass for custom dipping man. Save the cash and pick up some rustoleum.


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Massillon, Ohio
I would go on archerytalk and see if there is someone who wants to trade, dont put camo tape or spray paint on your bow. If something else were to happen, (god forbid) you just voided any warranty they have.

Contact Lee Martin above..Tell him Nick Lilly sent ya.He does all the work for New breed archery..His work is very durable..More duable an better looking then spray bomb or powder coat..He does Dura-coat an ceramic coat...He is a busy man..So it can take weeks to get back..But his rep is spotless..I just sent a Rest to him to get color matched ninja black for my Elite Z28