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Rotten end to this years hunting

As of last Tue evening
I may have ended my hunting for the season

At work I steped on the edge of a sidewalk and turned my anckle
I might have heard a pop

It hurt a little , but not that bad
Woke up Wen and it hurt , told my boss
Put ice on it , took some pain pills and figured it would be OK in a day or 2

As of today , I still can't realy walk
I can't bend my foot , as the outside part of my foot HURTS

Guess if it isn't better by Monday , I will start a workmans Comp claim

Realy bad part
I am bored and saw 7 deer go into my woods this afternoon

Glad I have some good pain pills



Git Off My Lawn
Supporting Member
North Carolina
John, sorry to hear that... But get it looked at before you do more damage to it.... Sometimes those sprains are worse than any break you can have... Good luck. Oh and Merry Christmas....


*Supporting Member*
Massillon, Ohio
I have had a bazillion ankle aprains dude, I know how you feel. Keep it elevated and keep putting ice on it. try to move it around as much as you can. Dont let it stiffin up on you thats the worst.

Tree Monkey

NW ohio
I jumped over a waist high fence before our football game and did the same thing rolled it and it popped and swelled and bruised really bad. Couldn't walk on it and was in serve pain for days. Ended up spraining it bad. This was week 6 off high school football season and I still have discomfort and my range of motion is limited.