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Ruined a good broadhead today...

...on this guy. :smiley_bril:

Early this morning, the squirrels were running all over, geese were passing by and a huge flock of blackbirds were making so much noise that it was difficult to hear. Then I spotted a buck passing by, at about 80 yards, but not on any of the cut trails. I hit every call that I had and blew them a bit harder than I cared to, but it was to no avail...this buck couldn't hear them for the %$#* blackbirds.

After he passed out of sight, the blackbirds suddenly shifted and flew off. The woods was dead quiet again. I used my estrus can and a buck grunt call alternately, to mimick a buck tending a doe. Basically, I was making some deer noise to see if he could hear me...and it worked.

This buck reappeared and on the trail, headed my way. Earlier this week, I had a doe catch my scent in the same area, so I sprayed some doe urine on a couple leaves around my treestand. Also, I had a film canister of vanilla extract at the base of my tree. I don't know which one he was smelling, but he was on a string to my tree.

At one point I thought he was going to walk behind me, but instead he came to within 8 feet of my tree. As he walked in front of me he was smelling everything and I was concerned he would pick up my scent on the path that I'd walked in on from the trail. It never happened, instead he continued sniffing and stepped out on the trail.

As he stepped out on the trail, he turned slightly to the right and that gave me the angle that I was looking to take. He stopped on the trail, I drew my bow, settled my pin just behind his right shoulder and squeezed the trigger.

He bucked his rear legs and bolted off. At first, he was headed straight south, then he turned west (the way he'd came in) and then he crashed. I'm guessing, but he ran about 70 yards. He's a stocky built buck at about 190 lbs. and 7 points. I'm going to do a Euro Mount on this one.

I used a Razor Trick broadhead, the same broadhead that took my buck last year. :smiley_blink: Guess I gotta go buy some more.
Here's where/how I found him:

The Entrance Wound:

The Exit Wound & Razor Trick:

Good hunting, Bowhunter57


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Nice work Daniel! Sorry I didn't get your text. My phone was still on vibrate from Saturday night's hunt. The guys I helped to track their buck called the home number or I wouldn't have been able to help them either. Glad you got him! Nice placement and nice deer!
RedCloud said:
That buck will make some good times at the table :D.
Yes it will...for the landowner. I'm giving him the meat, as he has a large family and they will benefit from it. I did this last year too and it feels great to be able to help out those in need and to repay his kindness of allowing me to hunt his land. :smiley_bril:

Good hunting, Bowhunter57