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SA Sports Crossbows......

Seems they have a good selection of affordable crossbows. When I bought my first Crossbow (Horton) which was 20 years ago, I got the whole set up for approx $200.00.

I just can't justify $1200 for a crossbow. No way, no how. It's price gouging no matter how you want to look at it.


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$1200 for a crossbow or the same for a new compound. I don't see the difference here. I paid just over $800 for my new compound bow 5 years ago. You get what you pay for.

I'll stick with my 10 point. Thanks again Rick Roshon. Great crossbow.
I used the crap out of my Horton Hunter Supreme for about 14 years. My uncle has been using it ever since, in fact he just harvested a button buck with it this morning. Sum bitch is over 20 years old and only cost about $200.

I did pay $785 bare bow for my Tribute back in 2008. I'm never selling that bow. Though, if I did get a crossbow for late season and later for one of my kiddos to use, it won't be a $1200 or even $800 item.
Parker Challenger is excellent kids bow and brand new for 450. Shoots 305 and is just over 5 pounds.
You could use it as well.
The SA Sports Ambush is nearly a spitting image of the old Horton Hunter Supreme. I can get it brand new on Amazon for $220 to my door. It comes with a scope which I presume is cheap. I would replace it. I don't even like scopes on crossbows. Anyway, I just wondered if some of the members here had experience with them.


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I looked at one when Vance opened the new store. The scope did not impress me any. The warranty was only 1 Year. It may be OK...but if not, your screwed.
Wicked Ridge and Parker has lifetime warranty.


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I paid right around $400 for Garrett's Excalibur Grizzly. 305fps. No cams to get out of time. With 4 bolts, quiver, scope, and delivered to the door. Added some 150gr Slick Tricks and he was hunting. Brand new. Bit loud but it IS a crossbow. Plenty good enough to kill deer for years to come.

FWIW I will be selling his Horton Ultra in the near future. Ready to hunt.


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I tell ya what. I had the cheap SA xbow my first hunting season here in Ohio and it was terrible, cheap, inaccurate, and honestly I was afraid of breaking the damn thing. I bought a Barnett recruit the next season for dirt cheap and immediately took it to my bow guy here in Hubbard and everything checked out. If I was looking for a cheap xbow I'd look at those instead. Just my personal opinion.


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Centerburg, Ohio
From past experience, I would stay away from Barnett. xbow guy came out and tried to help me get it shooting right and I don't think he was impressed with it either lol.

I got a tenpoint titan extreme and absolutely love it. 4 deer with it so far. I'll get a fancier model from them down the road maybe but this fits my needs perfectly and I have had zero issues with it. The old "you get what you pay for" comes to mind.


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My first crossbow was a SA Ambush, it worked great. The scope that comes with it works just fine. It shoots 16" bolts, and at 25 yards it shot a tight enough pattern that I destroyed 3 bolts when first shooting it.

It is heavy but it works just fine.