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Sad , So sad

Yesterday afternoon
I was driveing from 1 job to the next
I just happened to be driveing a mile from my house

As I drive over a bridge
I see a doe in the ditch , dead
And 20 yds from her , is a fawn

My guess , the dead doe's

It is still pretty small
So my guess unless another doe adopts it
It will not make it

Not sure how often 1 doe adopts a fawn
But I can always pray

But I guess that is life and not much I can do about it

With a heavy heart


Bass Whisperer
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North Carolina
I would think it would hook up with another doe if they crossed paths.... but in the heat that we've been having it better be pretty quick.....


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NE Ohio
That makes me sad Too.
I have a soft spot for baby animals...
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