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Safe Disposal Questions


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Mods: Wasn't sure where to put this thread, seemed like the best place...move it if appropriate.

So how do you guys dispose of old batteries and faulty/corroded/misfire ammo?
Common sense tells me not to send it to the landfill...any ideas? Anybody know what you're really supposed to do with this kinda stuff?



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Norton, OH
For the batteries: http://epawebapps.epa.state.oh.us/Recyclers/jsp/results.jsp?category=5

And for the shells, at least on the shotgun shells, cut the shell, empty the powder, wad, shot, everything. Chamber. Fire. Eject. Repeat. The powder will burn nice, the shot can be tossed if you want (or take it to the battery place {lead}) and pitch everything else. I imagine the same could be done with the .22 and rifle ammo, just with a little more effort to pull the bullet out.


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NE Ohio
Dan, where the hell are you storing your amo man???
Behind the washing machine? :smiley_devil:


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man oh man, those shotshells the junkman who lets me hunt his property said "I got something I want you to have...go ahead and take these, use 'em up, get 'em outta here"...so I felt obligated to take 'em

the 22's were boogered up by the Jamomatic before I got it feedin' right, and the 7.62 round was a MosinNagant misfire...i really wanna get rid of that sumbich
Lead acid batterys , I take to a local busness
He tests batterys
Ever week or so , he shipps a semi load of tested ( now junk ) batterys out to be recycled

I pull down what I can
The rest is put in the burning barrel and burned
Yep it go's off
But The barrel is realy a piece of 24" dia steel pipe with 1/2" walls

Once in a while you here a zinnnger