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Salesman...on the road

A traveling salesman was in the Cincinnati area on I-275. He was headed to Toledo, so he got off of 275 and got on 75. Just as he entered 75, he checked his fuel and noticed that he didn't have the fuel for his trip. So, he gets off at the first gas station and fuels up.

While he's pumping his gas a car pulls in on the other side of the island. When the person gets out of the car, the car lurches up about a foot. He's thinking, "Wow! That car's shocks are trashed. They really need some new shocks."

Just then the woman that was driving the car walks back to pump her gas...and she's absolutely HUGE. He's never seen a human being this big, as she must top the scales at a good 400+.

He catches himself staring in disbelief of the enormous size of this woman and shakes himself back to reality. He thinks that he's certain that he's never seen anyone this big, but trys to put his mind back on the task at hand and continues to pump his gas.

Just then the huge woman comes walking around the pumps with a map in her hands. She asks, "Could you help me?"

He says, "What? What do you want?"

She says, "Could you tell me how I could get back to 275?"

He says, "Have you considered trying Weight Watchers?" :smiley_crocodile:


Git Off My Lawn
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North Carolina
Did they have to surgically remove the nozzle or did it just pop out hahahaha, that was funny.... :smiley_cheer: